No White-list! Join whenever you like at:

Creative server to explore:

  • Address:             play.ukminecraft.com:25566
  • Server status:   OFFLINE
  • Port:                    25566
  • Version:              Craftbukkit 1.6.4

Survival server to survive:

  • Address:             play.ukminecraft.com
  • Server status:   ONLINE
  • Port:                    25565
  • Version:              Craftbukkit 1.6.4

Welcome to UKMinecraft.com, the home of the official website for the UKMinecraft Server! While you enjoy all things British such as your fine tea and crumpets feel free to explore, browse and construct the Wiki, get up to date on latest news and updates and lets not forget to take in the server rules.

Want to help?

We have lots that needs building and creating on the server if you want to help let us know here!

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter-logo-smalland facebook_logo_small.

Please note

  • The server is still under construction, we would like some help though! If you’re interested just apply here and add a note to say you want to help develop it for release!
  • If you are lost on the server and need directions go the Live Map.